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Dominion Projects High Water

Lake Gaston Guide

Lake Gaston's water level is projected to rise to 201.5 feet (above seal level), according to Don Bromley of Dominion Power. Bromley says Dominion has switched from "Fish Spawning" mode to "Flood Control" mode.

During flood control operation, water may cover residential docks and inundate yards any time lake levels rise above 200 feet above sea level, depending on the elevation of the property.

Upriver Kerr Lake is rising as well with the Army Corps of Engineers projecting a rise to 310 feet. That's below "Flood Stage" but does mean a number of camgrounds and boat ramps have been closed.

Because of the heavy rains and the rise in Kerr Lake, the Army Corps of Engineers is increase the amount of water it releases into Lake Gaston to 35,000 cubic feet per second. The Corps says that release will probably continue until the end of next week. Flood releases have not been this high since the flooding of 2003.

Date Updated: 
Wednesday, April 26, 2017