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Charlie Taylor's Fishing Report - April 1, 2017

Largemouth bass are biting well in Lake Gaston. Look for the warmest water and throw rattling lipless crankbaits or Zoom Flukes around boat docks, around cover on points and in the shallow coves. Retrieve the lures at medium or fast speeds and you should catch fish. Most of the lower lake is clear, so rattling crankbaits should work extremely well.

Crappie fishing is good, with most of the better catches being made around brushpiles and bridge pilings.

Striper fishing is off slightly, but fish are still being caught on live shad. Lots of catch and release striper fishing, along with the shad, in the Roanoke River, below the dam.

Given the warmer weather this week, bass have moved up into the shallow spawning areas adjacent to the nearest deeper water. Remember, deep is relative. It may mean 14 feet, but it also may mean 4 feet. They are still anxious to nest and a couple of more warm days will put them in the mood.

With a few sunny days, we should see lots of bass looking for nesting sites. Check out shallow sandy or gravel bottoms in direct sunlight in coves or backs of creeks for bedding bass. Grass beds are also good bedding spots. Rat-L-Traps, plastics and jig 'n pig are the preferred baits, although a well cast and worked Rapala will also take some big fish.

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