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April-May 2016 "Update on Cell Phone Coverage"

Friday, April 8, 2016

Verizon Members

As you know for our December 2, 2015 LGA monthly meeting we asked Verizon to send a speaker to address Cell phone coverage at Lake Gaston. The speaker from Verizon experienced that there was room for improvement in Verizon’s cell phone coverage at Lake Gaston.

Apparently since our December 2 meeting Verizon has been working to increase cell phone coverage and attained this improvement by ‘attaching’ to the US Cellular tower at Ferncliff. Reportedly this improvement came about on December 8, 2015.

We learned at the December 2 meeting that the new towers going up were geared for the latest data technology.

Apparently the phones to have for the latest technology are the 4GLTE Google phone or iPhone6 or higher. We also learned that Verizon was offering upgrade incentives for customers to move to the latest technology data phones.

You can check for the coverage you can expect where you live by going to the Verizon locator coverage maps.

Click on the link to the locator map and then type in your street address and zip code. The resulting map will show where you are located and the type of service you can expect.

We did find out from some of our members who tried the locator map and found that their coverage had not improved or noticed very little difference even though they had the latest phones. I visited a Verizon store and asked if there was anything the customer needed to do …iPhone6 or higher – go to settings, cellular, enable LTE (Long Term Evolution), choose voice & data

New 4GLTE Google phone call 1-800-922-0204 to turn on voice & data.

We would be interested to know if our Verizon members have noticed an improvement, especially those with the latest data phones. It’s been a long journey and I’d like to be able to report back to Verizon that our Verizon members are happy and we can say ‘case closed.’

When you respond, please state what type of phone you have, where your property is on the lake, whether you are full/part time.

AT&T members

Regarding our AT&T members, I didn’t have much success getting a status on the towers we understood to be new AT&T towers. AT&T also has a locator map and you could see what coverage you can expect where you live and then type in your street address and zip code.

You can learn quite a bit about the coverage you can expect by clicking on ‘learn more about legend.’Also, informative is the ‘learn more’ about the map. You’ll see in the left column where the AT&T store locations are.

If you make any progress would you share with us at . Thank you.

(Editor’s note: Moira Underwood is Lake Gaston Association’s Executive Director and will be coming to you every month. She can be reached at or (252) 586-6577, or toll free 1-888-586-6577, or LGA, P.O. Box 656, Littleton, NC 27850.)