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February-March 2016

Monday, February 1, 2016

At our December 2 monthly meeting we did have a speaker from Verizon on Cell phone coverage at Lake Gaston.

Ironically the speaker from Verizon experienced less cell phone coverage than he was used to while he was with us.So he was able to let their networking people know before the meeting started.

He received a lot of input from our members and a request was made to have an update of Verizon’s progress toimprove cell phone coverage at Lake Gaston by our January 6 monthly meeting. I did follow up several times during December to request a status for that meeting but never got a response. I will continue to seek a progress report.

We did learn that the new towers coming on are data and voice and those of us that still have a flip phone (that’s me) need to upgrade to get the better coverage.

For our AT&T members, I’ve been trying to find out about the new towers I’ve seen go up in the last couple of yearsthat reportedly were going to be for AT&T customers – carrier’s name, are they on-line or when they will be. I didestablish contact with AT&T support and learned the following: north side of Lake Gaston the Baird Rd, Gasburg, VA (Brunswick Co.) tower is Alltel and it’s active (I thought it was an AT&T tower); River Rd in Henrico, NC has a live AT&T tower; south side, Rachel Rd (off Hwy 903 before Salmon’s Landing) is reportedly AT&T and not active; in the town of Littleton the AT&T tower is not active.

As soon as I have any new news to share I will email you.

(Editor’s note: Moira Underwood is Lake Gaston Association’s Executive Director and will be coming to you every month. She can be reached at or (252) 586-6577, or toll free 1-888-586-6577, or LGA, P.O. Box 656, Littleton, NC 27850.)