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June/July 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This is one of those Bulletin issues where a lot of the work I’ve been involved with since our April/May issue hasn’t completed before this Bulletin went to press.

For example, our three-yearly LGA survey started the beginning of May where we asked you a series of questions, sought your opinions and also your ideas. The survey gave our members a chance to win either $100, $50 or $25 by completing the survey by May 21, with the winners to be announced at our annual meeting on Saturday, June 13. We are also planning to give you an overview of the preliminary results on that day.

I’ve been the interface with our webmaster for working with the LGA directors to get the survey questions finalized, setting a schedule with our webmaster that allowed testing of the on-line survey, and then lining up the directors to be testers. Since it has been three years since our last survey and an abundance of handheld on-line gizmos have hit the market, we tried to use several of those on which to take the survey.

We also needed to make sure that our members without email had a chance to take the survey by US mail, so printed copies we sent to them too, and quite a number have been coming back. These are then entered on-line and they get a chance at one of the cash prizes as long as their postmark was May 21 and earlier.

I always enjoy my project items for the annual Lake Clean-Up - can’t believe this was our fifth year, already! We have an enthusiastic team of directors that put this event together, and its overall success occurs because of all the help we get from our members and the public by participating in the yearly clean-up.

Coordinating and pulling together the bi-monthly Bulletins doesn’t bother me, I actually find it enjoyable. Having a writing background really helps. Of course it helps immensely that the committee chairs write their own articles, as does Al. And we try to bring you information from both the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council. You’ll see from our Annual meeting information that we will all have the opportunity to learn about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project, ask questions, and get a better understanding about what the project is all about.

As for our Calendar Notes .. I try to put in some key meetings, events that are lake related or close by in the space that we have, as well as give you links to websites to find others.

If you want to know of more events that are occurring weekly, then the Lake Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center sends out emails of events & seminars each week but you need to be on their distribution list. If you would like to sign up for those emails, you need to go to the Chamber’s website and sign up. Here’s the link to sign up to be on their weekly newsletter mailing list

Don’t forget the Lake Gaston Fireworks display will be on Saturday, July 4, organized by the Longbridge VolunteerFire Department, starting at dark, on the south side of Eaton Ferry Bridge. A spectacular display of fireworks and an amazing number of boats either side of the bridge for miles.

Have a great and safe summer on Lake Gaston.

(Editor’s note: Moira Underwood is Lake Gaston Association’s Executive Director and will be coming to you every month. She can be reached at or (252) 586-6577, or toll free 1-888-586-6577, or LGA, P.O. Box 656, Littleton, NC 27850.)