Leaders learning more about the Lake

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Representatives from governments in the five Counties surrounding Lake Gaston met with representatives of the Lake Gaston Association, the State and Federal Governments this week at the LGA’s annua

Historic building slated for demolition

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For over 35 years, Lakeland Cultural Arts Center has served as the community’s place for local plays and comedic acts but behind the doors of Lakeland, hidden in the bricks of the foundation and se

Lake water as turbid as tea

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Brown water was one of many topics touched on at the Lake Gaston Stakeholders Board meeting Thursday.

The new cool - Catfish

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It’s been two months since owner of Blues Brothers Guide Service owner Zakk Royce shattered two state records for largest catfish by hauling in 91 and 105 pound Blue Catfish from Lake Gaston within

Big names discuss water concerns

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With high water levels in the forefront of Lake Gaston residents minds these days, area government representatives met with representatives from Dominion Power and the Army Corps of Engineers last

What's to Blame for High Water on Lake Gaston?

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Lake Gaston Guide

What’s to blame for high water on Lake Gaston for the past six to eight weeks? Dominion Power and the Army Corps of Engineers say it the continued rainy weather. But with the Corps proposing a change in how the lake level is being managed, some home owners aren’t convinced it’s just the weather.

Mecklenburg bans permanent additions to RV's and campers

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Mecklenburg County Building Inspector Eddie Harris has advised owners of RV's and travel campers that is illegal to attach non-movable structures or to encase them inside a permanent structures. Letters to that effect were posted at Americamps and at the River Ridge subdivision near Bracey.

Realtors get lesson in weeds

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Lake Gaston realtors got a lesson in the aquatic weeds hierarchy from NC State University Extension Agent Justin Nawrocki this week. Nawrocki told agents they are the “first point of contact” with newcomers and they needed to be able to inform their clients and answer questions about the plants growing around docks, whether or not they are nuisance and who the new homeowners need to contact for treatments or information on how to manage the shoreline.

Bridge will be fixed but higher [Warren County] taxes loom

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A damaged section of Eaton’s Ferry Bridge will be repaired in the spring but Warren County’s District 2 Commissioner Tare Davis also warned lake residents higher property taxes may be on the horizon at his monthly community meeting.

Officials encourage radon testing

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Lake Gaston residents are battening down the hatches, working hard to keep warm as the January temperatures drop into the teens. County Health Officials say this is the perfect time to test for radon, a colorless, odorless gas that can build up in someone’s house or office.


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