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The South Hill Farmers Market will open on May 6 this year, so be sure to mark your calendars for the 2017 market opening that will feature great seasonal garden items, fresh-baked goods, farm fres


The Lake Gaston Water Safety Council got a special treat when Flotilla 9-3 Commander Ed Burke stopped by for a visit this week.


Lake Gaston provides scenes of beautiful waters and wildlife; but sometimes people also see discarded furniture, fast food wrappers and other trash.


The Roanoke Rapids Theatre has been a burden the past decade — eating about $1.8 million of the city’s budget annually — but city officials may have found relief. After weeks of discussions with Bank of America, the city is set to replace the current variable rate loan agreement, in which payments could change annually, with a fixed loan agreement.


A forum held last week on broadband availability was small in attendance but big on enthusiasm for increased broadband countywide, as citizens and local leaders talked about challenges, solutions a

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Roanoke River Partners is marking a milestone with its 20th anniversary this spring.

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Effective March 1 Dominion has been operating under fish spawning operations.


AF Wake owner, Adam Fields announced this week he’s bought out LG Summer Rentals and is now offering jet ski rentals along with a myriad of other watersports gear.


Another man is in jail concerning a rash of breaking and enterings in the Lake Gaston area in February.According to Major Scott Hall with the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, Ryan Deboris Garner, 2


A debris fire that rekindled in the wee hours of Monday night and Tuesday morning brought firefighters out in droves as they worked to save a structure and a wooded area in Wildwood Point.

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Lakeland Theatre has cancelled “Sylvia” for March 31st and April 1st. One of the principle actors in the show became ill. In the place of “Sylvia” Lakeland will be doing the play “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’s Abridged.”


Roanoke River Basin Association announces suit against Duke Energy for illegally spewing coal ash pollutants into Lake Gaston’s water supply.