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One Lake Gaston resident’s outdoor work recently turned into a shocking situation. Frank Lilley , at Eaton’s Ferry Estates said he recently took his pontoon out to clean it and decided to do a little work on the lift.


Lake Anna residents are working at trying to change boating laws and their effects could be felt all the way at Lake Gaston. Lake Anna residents complained about wake boardiers and wake surfers in an attempt to change 'no wake' rules for watersports from 50 feet from shoreline to between 100 and 200 feet.

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Lake Gaston's water level is projected to rise to 201.5 feet (above seal level), according to Don Bromley of Dominion Power. Bromley says Dominion has switched from "Fish Spawning" mode to "Flood Control" mode.


Emergency crews were called out for an unusual situation Sunday when one of the local island scaught fire. Longbridge VFD Asst.

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The May 3rd Lake Gaston Association's monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m.

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Lake Gaston Regional Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Christina Wells spoke about the importance of branding Tuesday as the guest speaker at the regular meeting of the Emporia Rotary Club.


Owners of Middleburg Steak and Seafood House said Wednesday that repairs to the building are all but done, but other work still needs to be completed before the restaurant is ready to reopen, which could be in late May.


The Roanoke River Basin Association is not backing down from its threat to sue Duke Energy over violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and the Coal Combustion Residuals Rule and t


The South Hill Farmers Market will open on May 6 this year, so be sure to mark your calendars for the 2017 market opening that will feature great seasonal garden items, fresh-baked goods, farm fres


The Lake Gaston Water Safety Council got a special treat when Flotilla 9-3 Commander Ed Burke stopped by for a visit this week.


Lake Gaston provides scenes of beautiful waters and wildlife; but sometimes people also see discarded furniture, fast food wrappers and other trash.


A forum held last week on broadband availability was small in attendance but big on enthusiasm for increased broadband countywide, as citizens and local leaders talked about challenges, solutions a