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While Hydrilla treatments for 2017 are finished, Professional Lake Management, the company responsible for this year’s nuisance plant treatment on Lake Gaston through it’s contract with the Lake Ga


The latest tracking information for Hurricane Irma and how it might impact the Lake Gaston and Kerr Lake areas.


The first annual Lake Gaston Water Garden Competition drew to a close last week. The judges made their rounds and the decisions were made. Thursday evening, Aug.

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Due to weather conditions, Steve Owens and the Summertime Band will be playing inside Friday night from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. at Buddy Isles Shop across from the Piggly Wiggly in Littleton (on Hwy 158). Entrance to the building will be on the east side of the building next to Tammy’s Place The Littleton Lions Club will make the call Saturday morning whether Entertainment, Crafters, resellers, etc. will be outside in their usual locations, or moved inside. Either way Saturday is on. .

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The September 6 LGA monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m.


The Lake’s first annual Water Garden competition is drawing to a close Aug. 31 but not without rewards for the lake and it’s contestants.

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The final weed-control treatments of the season in Lake Gaston are scheduled for this week. The firm PLM, under contract from the Lake Gaston Weed Control Council, will be spraying chemicals designed to control both Hydrilla and Lyngbya.

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Both the on and off ramps for I-85 Southbound at Wise/US 1 will be closed for 60 days. Southbound I-85 motorists wishing to get to Wise/US 1 will proceed to Ridgeway-Drewry Road (Exit 226), exit and get back on I-85 Northbound, then take Northbound off ramp at Wise/U.S. 1 (Exit 233).


Lake Gaston resident and former wakeboarding world champion Adam Fields has been out of the sport since summer 2015 after he injured his leg, which he described as the most serious injury in his li


State and local organizations came together for the second phase of Lake Gaston’s 2017 revegetation efforts recently. According to Lake Gaston Association member Bruce Johnson, representatives from NC State University, NC Wildlife, VA Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries and the LGA launched from Poplar Creek early in the morning to inspect and repair plant cages and to put down more non invasive species of plants for wildlife habitat.


The “levels of the law” was the subject of a recent Lake Gaston Water Safety Council meeting and Maj. Chris Huebner with N.C.


The Aug. 2 Lake Gaston Association's monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m. will feature A.J. Reyes, lake manager, Aquatic Crop Science Department, N.C. State University.