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VCU Capital News Service

Holding signs saying “Reject and Protect” and “No Pipeline,” dozens of Appalachian Trail hikers held a protest Friday at Capitol Square to voice their disapproval of Gov.

Lake Gaston Guide

Mark your calendars and plan to join us for our Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, June 10. The meeting will be held at the Lake Gaston Baptist Church, located on Hwy. 903 across from Subway Restaurant. Check in and refreshments will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the meeting will get underway at 10 a.m.

Lake Gaston Guide

The Mecklenburg Sheriff's Office says three people were arrested early Sunday morning following a reported altercation in the River Ridge subdivision on Lake Gaston.

Lake Gaston Association

To all who participated in the 7th Annual Lake Clean-Up on May 20th, a great big “THANK YOU”. We know there were those who could not help on the day of the event but helped in one way or another.


It was a busy Memorial Day weekend at Lake Gaston. Our waterfront restaurants – Shady Shack, The Pointe and Watersview — were busy hosting live entertainment and serving up delicious dishes.


Having a healthy eco-system is important, regardless of one’s location but a resort area, dependent on tourism and real estate is particularly reliant on natural beauty in order to sustain its livelihood.

Lake Gaston Guide

Hydrilla and Lyngbya treatments in Lake Gaston should start May 31st and continue into early June. Those treatments are designed to control the spread of those two nuisance weeds. Here are maps of the specific areas being treated and the anticipated treatment dates.

Lake Gaston Guide

The Lake Gaston Association’s Lake Clean-Up Committee is finalizing their plans to make their Seventh Annual “Take Pride in Lake Gaston” Lake Clean-up event on May 20th the most participated in event ever. But … they still need your help!


Those who regulate and monitor water levels expect the Roanoke River and Lake Gaston to return to normal within the next couple of weeks. Right now, Lake Gaston and the Roanoke River are experiencing high water elevations due to significant rain over the past few weeks and a subsequent increase of water output from Kerr Dam.


Al Potter told a group of middle schoolers that most people accidentally consume some water while swimming, then proceeded to show them how much E. coli is in lake water.


One Lake Gaston resident’s outdoor work recently turned into a shocking situation. Frank Lilley , at Eaton’s Ferry Estates said he recently took his pontoon out to clean it and decided to do a little work on the lift.


Lake Anna residents are working at trying to change boating laws and their effects could be felt all the way at Lake Gaston. Lake Anna residents complained about wake boardiers and wake surfers in an attempt to change 'no wake' rules for watersports from 50 feet from shoreline to between 100 and 200 feet.