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Rescue efforts were underway Thursday just before lunchtime after five kayakers on the Roanoke River capsized in turbulent waters and were plunged into the water.


Two teens were injured Monday when they crashed into each other near Goat Island Monday. According to NC Wildlife Officer Dustin Durham the two boys were operating personal watercraft off of Goat Island when they ran into each other at about 1 p.m.


An abandoned houseboat on Poplar Creek - described as a haven for snakes and described by Brunswick County Commissioner John Zubrod as “a real eyesore” - poses concerns much greater than aesthetics, according to Retired Admiral Mike Klein, President of the Lake Gaston Water Safety Council.


When William Robinson arrived home to Roanoke Rapids in 1973, after 2,703 days as a prisoner of war in various North Vietnamese prison camps, his father simply said his son “looked beautiful.” Robinson is being honored during the American Veterans Tribute Fourth of July celebration Saturday, near Pea Hill Creek on Lake Gaston.


Three senior-aged men had to be rescued from the Roanoke River on Wednesday evening after their boat capsized, dumping them and their gear into the water.


Lake Gaston First Responders and Southside Rescue Squad were called to Lake Gaston in the Bracey area near the Cliffs on the Roanoke subdivision on Sunday after a man injured his leg jumping into t

Lake Gaston Association

The July 5th Lake Gaston Association’s monthly meeting at 9:30 a.m. will feature a representative of the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) who will talk about the Quasi Run of the River (QRR) one year after implementation. Q&A will follow.


A missing Garner man has been found dead inside a locked building on an abandoned property near Lake Gaston, deputies said. Thomas Earl Finch, 47, was found about 5 p.m.


The Southern Environmental Law Center, on behalf of the Roanoke River Basin Association, today filed an enforcement action in federal court against Duke Energy for its illegal plans to leave over 6


A 47-year-old Garner man is missing in rural Virginia, authorities say. Thomas Earl Finch, of Glenn Bryan Court in Garner, was last seen Friday at the Lake Gaston Inn in Bracey, Virginia, according to Mecklenburg County, Virginia, deputies.


A Miami, Florida, man is dead, drowning on the Virginia side of Lake Gaston. The victim, Richard C. Seavey, 49, was found at 7:28 p.m., Sunday, when search teams and divers discovered his body in the area of Gasburg, Virginia, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office reported Monday.


Grandma Jane searching for new family to host Coast Guard. It’s often hard to fill another’s shoes but unfortunately there are times when it’s necessary. Recently, Jane Teasley decided it’s time to find someone to fill her shoes when it comes to hosting members of the US Coast Guard Station in Elizabeth City.