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[Holiday Boat Parade] Continuing in loving memory

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The memory of one prominent Lake Gaston resident, Jack Houston ,will be celebrated in July as the annual Lake Gaston Holiday Boat Parade will continue on in his honor.

Historic building slated for demolition

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For over 35 years, Lakeland Cultural Arts Center has served as the community’s place for local plays and comedic acts but behind the doors of Lakeland, hidden in the bricks of the foundation and se

‘Oliver!’ opens Saturday in South Hill

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Opening this Saturday at 8 p.m. on The Colonial Center for Performing Arts stage in South Hill, “Oliver!,” the next C.A.T.S.

New team takes center stage at Lakeland

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It’s time to change acts at Lakeland Cultural Arts Center and Board Chairman Gavin Guttersen announced this week he has stepped down from the position. In his place, John Shaech and Myron Grueneich will fill the roll as co-chairmen.

Challenge set to updated Lakeland theater

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The Lakeland Cultural Arts Center is vamping up its main building thanks to donations from the community, but this time the donations are worth more.

Christmas Extravaganza: Local man’s light show a gift to daughters, community

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As Zeb Elliott watched his daughter become captivated by Christmas lights last year, the vision for a “Christmas extravaganza” began to form in his mind. “We cleaned out Walmart and Home Depot when they had their after-Christmas sale,” he recalled. “I said, ‘I’ll have a Griswold house this year, just to say I’ve done it once in my life.’”